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Click. Treat. Repeat.

Clicker training is much more than just "treat training".  It is based on the scientific principles of learning. We use positive reinforcement to build behaviors which we can use to our advantage and to better the understanding between human and dog. Our goal is to allow the dog to be so right, that they can never go wrong. 

Training for life

Training our dogs is not only a necessity for creating desirable behaviors, but also in building an unbreakable bond. Teaching your dog that they can trust you and that communication is a two way street will ensure a happy, healthy connection between you and your four legged friend.

Fun and functional

We seek out dogs to enrich our lives and to provide them with a safe and happy life in return. Training does not always mean serious grueling work, nor should it feel that way. We believe training can and should be fun. We can help you achieve the skills to make life with your dog fluent and enjoyable. Take a breath and relax, it's just dog training!

Beyond the basics...

While we are committed to helping people connect with their dogs, there is more to it than just basic obedience. We can cover a diverse variety of skills including socialization, enrichment, play, body handling, fitness and conditioning, sport foundations, trail manners, tricks and more. The possibilities are endless, so let's get started!

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